Translate word “CRESCENTW

Translate word “CRESCENTW
Translate word “CRESCENTW
Incessant Street = “Incessant Street”
Incessant Road =? I usually write “highway”, but maybe in vain …
Incessant Drive =? I usually write “Incessant passage”, but again I’m not sure …
Incessant Crescent =? I wrote “area” a couple of times, but this is very inaccurate … and writing “Baptism” is somehow completely out of hand …
But what is really there, to translate this way: Sherlock Holmes lived on Pekarev Street 🙂
IMHO, if you are translating a literary text, and there is a “talking” name in it, for example Thick Headed Transliteration Street, then it can be translated as “Dumb transliteration street”, but in DOCUMENTS with ordinary addresses this should not be done.
And second: Crescent is an indirect arched street (lane), not a square. In 1976 I lived in Manchester at Homestead Crescent.
if Sherlock Holmes would live on Baker Crescent – what would you write in translation?
2 bvs – thanks for the intelligible answer, but you also did not understand my question – I do not want to translate the street name itself, but the type
for example, in the phrase “Arbatsky lane” the word “lane” is not part of the name, it is wrong to translate it into English as “Arbatski pereulok” – the word lane must have a translation Translate word “CRESCENTW
would live Sherlock Holmes on Baker Crescent – would write Baker Crescent
And here it is interesting, “Michurinsky Prospect Olimpiyskaya Derevnya” (former Pelshe St.) – what is part of the name here and what should be translated?
“Michurinsky prospect street Olympic village ….” it’s still someone’s mistake in my opinion … more interesting is some kind of “Borisovskie Prudy street” 🙂