I’d like to tell about Korean bloodstream Type Personalities

I’d like to tell about Korean bloodstream Type Personalities

“What’s your bloodstream type?” is a really thing that is common ask, particularly during blind times!

(hyeol-aek-hyung-i mwoyeyo?) – what exactly is your bloodstream type?

Besides the usual where Koreans generally ask for every other’s many years, asking for every other’s bloodstream kind can also be a thing that is regular!

You may be wondering, confused even. Why? Why bloodstream type and just how did this thing that is whole become?

The foundation because of this concept really has a serious dark history, is dependent upon the way you want just simply take it lol. Allegedly utilized by Nazis and Japanese Imperialists, it really is to market a few ideas of supremacy over various events and nations within the 1920s and 1930s.

Didn’t realize that? Appears amazing does not it?

But don’t worry, that entire dark concept is long forgotten now. The only explanation Koreans nevertheless ask for every other’s bloodstream type before leaping into any relationship is really because one’s blood type supposedly determines someone’s personality, temperament and compatibility.

After knowing what sort of person they’re coping with, then they decide in the event that relationship can perform being suitable or perhaps not. Of course by “relationship”, it relates to both platonic and romantic.

A, B, O and AB to break it down, there are blood types. Better discover what kind you will be now, you may simply find your personality and who’s the most suitable for your needs!


Bloodstream Type A

Based on the blood that is korean character chart, folks of bloodstream type A are diplomatic and friendly. But, because of the delicate natures, these individuals prefer being alone compared to a team. (altro…)

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